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About the Borfolk County Council

A collection of local artists, MC's and producers from the East Anglia region.

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Come along & see some of the local talent in action at one of the live events going on in Norwich


Playing a quality selection of UK HipHop & Rap from in & around Norwich, created by local MC's, Artists, & Producers for your enjoyment.

The Borfolk Radio Crew

Below you'll find a quick introduction to the core team who create the show each week.
We hope you enjoy the content we bring to you


Streakz Tha Long Ting

Rapper & Writer, Presenter & Founder of The Bofolk Radio Show

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The Peaceful Warrior

Rapper, Writer, & Co-Presenter of The Borfolk Radio Show

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Web Designer,
Equipment Operator &
Technical Wizard

When I'm not doing stuff for the show, I'll either be lost in a book, film or game of some sort, in the kitchen cooking up something delicious, or working on some carpentry or other DIY project.

Here are some of

Our Friends & Associates

Anti Social Music Lessons




Ricky Lix


Harry Ixer




Blu Cru


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